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  • StyxMaker
    Apr 20, 02:06 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8H7)

    What are you people doing to scratch your phones so much? I don't use a case with my iPhone 4, carry it in my pocket (sometimes with my car keys) and there's not a noticeable scratch on the front or back.

    Scratching isn't the issue, it's the shattering that happens when the phone is impacted. I watched an iPhone shatter on a drop of less than 3 feet onto a padded (industrial carpet) floor. I've had friends iPhones shatter from sliding off a table accidentally, being dropped when getting out of a car, and even one who had it with him at a concert and it shattered from the 100+ degree heat.

    This wouldn't be an issue if they'd simply recessed the glass into the bezel on the front and used something sensible on the back.

    There's a very good reason why nothing that needs to be durable is made out of glass.

    The complaint I was responding to was about scratches. Another poster claimed the glass would scratch if a hair was dropped on it. As for falling, so far mines only fallen once from my workbench onto a hardwood floor. It survived without shattering or getting scratched.

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  • mdlooker
    Apr 7, 12:13 PM
    Though competition is a desired aspect in any market, from a buyers standpoint, there is still that demand variable.

    I believe that even if Apple takes total market consumption, because it seems to be going that way, the price will dictate how sturdy the dominance will be. So long as they keep the prices affordable, they will have no problems.

    Same applies with with their Macs. If they were to lower the prices, the profit margin would take a big hit but a slow market saturation would occur.

    We need innovation and great experiences, but price moves that demand curve.

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  • SeaFox
    Nov 26, 06:02 PM
    2002 called, they want their platform idea back. :rolleyes:

    Seriously, does anyone here even hear about tablet PCs anymore? Nope.
    What happened with Microsoft Origami? Nothing.
    What are people wanting to use for computing on the go? A smart phone.

    Apple didn't get involved when this was "the rage" and I couldn't be happier. The idea never became anything more than a niche product in health care, manufacturing, and perhaps education. It bombed. And Apple wasn't left holding the bag on a bunch of unsold product. Another "failure in this companies beleaguered history" as it would be used as fodder in the press.

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  • jav6454
    May 7, 11:24 AM
    Yes please. The move makes sense given the Windows Live stuff MS is doing.

    They've been trying that for years, ever since the Hotmail era.

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  • ivladster
    Apr 18, 04:21 PM
    While I don't care who sues who - in the end the laywers win.. and yes, Samsung UI is very similar to iPhone..

    However, the iPhone GUI isn't new at all.

    Take a look at this screen shot of the SE P910 UI, released well before iPhone.

    Conceptually, the UI is very similar - in that that you have:

    (1) application icons
    (2) Application short cuts ( at the top )
    (3) Power , strength and other status indicators etc ( at the bottom )

    I'm sure there are many other examples of conceptual similar iPhone UIs that contain the same properties and behaviour and layout out ina similar fashion.

    NO It's not, are you crazy. That looks horrid. iOS icons have unique look to them, placement is not patented. The look is.

    The lawsuit goes after Samsung trying to replicate and confuse customers into thinking that it's an iPhone.

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  • Vulpinemac
    Apr 25, 09:25 AM
    I don't think that is the point here. Apple, arguably the greatest and most customer-centric company with the world's best smart phone, the best OS and magical appliances (at least, that is what I'm being told here over and over again) collects location data without your prior knowledge or consent. If you become a member of MacRumors it is your own, deliberate, decision. But I already can see where this is going. Cue the drone-like Apple defenders, I hear them coming ;)

    The drones, any more, are the anti-Apple Zealots, who know less about what they argue than they do about their own favorite hardware or OS.

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  • johnnyturbouk
    Apr 6, 06:21 PM
    What a joke of a tablet. Nothing but a piece of crap.



    back yo my precious (ipad)

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  • iGary
    Aug 7, 05:59 PM
    I find it funny that the online apple store has the Quadcore G5 still listed at $3299. $800 dollars more than the default MacPro which has 1GB ram as opposed to the meger 512MB in the G5, Quad 2.66 vs Quad 2.5, a GeForce 7300 vs the Geforce 6600, not to mention the many other bad ass features like 4 HD bays etc

    And it still doesn't run Adobe/Macromedia products. ;)

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  • netdog
    Jul 30, 11:23 AM
    In honor of Gene Rodenberry, iCommunicator, or iCom

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  • roadbloc
    Apr 26, 04:12 PM
    Bound to happen. History repeating itself. Android or other tablet OS which works out cheaper and runs on any available hardware will overtake iOS in the tablet market eventually.

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  • navguy
    Jan 29, 01:31 AM
    I purchased the TOMTOM app early on and paid $99 for it. One week later, I found it posted in the App Store for $49.99 and today, a couple of weeks after that, the price is $59.99. I have searched the App Store site, iTunes Store AND the Apple site and do not understand how to find a Customer Service Link to ask about a refund for the difference in price. Does anyone know how to reach Customer Service for the APP Store? Thanks in advance...

    also you're mixing two different Apps ... if you purchased the TomTom app early on fro $99, then you purchased the USA + Canada app ... the $59 app is USA-only ... so in effect, you're actually negotiating the purchase of a different app

    your USA + Canada version is $79 currently

    i agree w/ wclyffe, good luck ... they don't make it easy

    not sure it'll work this late after you originally purchased, but you might ask for your "one-time, no questions asked" app refund ... then repurchase the USA only version, if that's what you're interested in

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  • syklee26
    Sep 15, 06:20 PM
    I love my wife's macbook keyboard. It is much more comfortable to use, doesn't mark up the LCD display, has much better feedback, and the keys don't pop off inadvertently like my flimsey PowerBook keys.

    I want to see a complete redesign of the MacBook Pro. New case, new keyboard, magnetic latch, easy swap HDD & memory access. I don't think it will happen at the Aperature event but I am hoping for a redesign at MWSF2007.

    I expect if there is a change on the 25th, it will be merom update only.

    i don't understand why people are so desperate for new designs in aluminum MBPs. this is as good as it gets. do you see any commercial or TV shows showing laptops other than Apple ones? you have to wonder why that's the's because this is the best design in the market.

    i can see your point about keyboard but not others such as HDD and memory, memory is not that difficult to access anyway.

    I do think new MBPs will see some nice upgrades in battery life....right now my 15 inch MBPs hit about 3:30 in normal use with brightness level all the way up. maybe new MBPs will have average 4 hours battery life.

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  • wclyffe
    Dec 5, 07:50 AM
    It really appears as if TomTom didn't create any real inventory, and waited to see how popular the device would be. Now they are creating inventory based on orders. Not great, but I just don't think the car kit is worth $130 (w/tax) so I'll wait. The longer they wait to deliver it may be a plus for us because maybe we'll get a chance to see and hear reactions to the Magellan car kit.

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  • nuckinfutz
    May 7, 10:44 AM
    I would welcome this. I enjoyed the features during the free trial period, but couldn't justify $99 per year for it. Since then they've added Back to My Mac, the Find my iPhone feature, and improved its reliability, so I would love to have access to it again, minus the cost. On top of what I pay for cellular service, another 9 bucks a month just seemed inconvenient.

    Uh $9 a month is $108 a year.

    People routinely get Mobileme for roughly $70 through Amazon or less through other places like eBay.

    Amazon Mobileme (

    Hell even Apple doesn't make people pay that much.

    $30 MiR or you get Mobileme for $69 with the purchase of a new Mac.

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  • BC2009
    Mar 28, 11:13 AM
    The iPhone 4 is already dated relative to other phones on the market. To have a phone on the market for 18 months without an update is insane.

    You're missing something here.... The iPhone actually gets updates over its lifespan rather than promises of updates followed up by the requirement to buy a new phone in order to install the latest version of an open Android operating system on a closed manufacturer's phone. All-to-frequent updates make buyers feel like they have been tricked, especially when they cannot upgrade their phone to do the same things the new phones are doing because the manufacturer prevents it.

    Not to mention that most folks have 2 year contracts and don't like to pay the penalty to upgrade early. The notion that 15 months between upgrades (not 18 months -- if you are counting June 2010 to September 2011) is not bad at all -- especially to the masses who are not early adopters. The iPhone 4 is still holding its own against the competition and its better than it was when it released because of software upgrades. It still does many things better than phones that have released since (like take better photos). Heck, I am still using my iPhone 3GS and I still love it because it gets new features every few months and has even improved on performance.

    Do I think a dual-core 1Gz iPhone with 1GB of RAM would stack up better statistically against the competition? Yes. Do I think that phone will do more things and be faster? Yes. Do I think 3 months will matter all that much in the long run? No. If it means some vast improvements are coming (including LTE) -- then I am willing to wait 3 months.

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  • diamond.g
    May 4, 03:03 PM
    Currently I can create a DVD from the developer preview of Lion. The installation program is provided as a DMG file, so it is relatively easy to create the DVD. Of course an average user wouldn't find the whole thing that easy, so I suppose Apple will provide some other solution. The option to buy the DVD will of course be available.

    Can you boot off the stuff in the DMG?

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  • treblah
    Aug 3, 12:27 AM
    There is this field report on CNET. This is not info from a SLIDE. It is from a real world field test.

    Video: Long-lasting Intel Core 2 Duo notebooks (

    Over 5 hours of battery life with Merom vs. 3 hours with Yonah.

    From New York on Airplane, Yonah PC battery died over Chicago while same size Merom PC battery made it all the way to LA. So I am RIGHT NOT WRONG. :eek:

    Flying West to East means leaving SF and arriving in NYC. :rolleyes:

    Please tell me I'm wrong again.

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  • DanBUK
    Mar 29, 08:39 AM
    And if you stop subscribing?...What happens to your music files stored in the cloud?

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  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 25, 03:27 AM
    If this is true, I'd be a little pissed lol. I just traded up from my two 23" ACD's for two 24" LED LCD's.

    Hopefully this means with the Mac Pro rumors refresh and Final Cut release that Apple is refocusing on their neglected pro-line. Maybe we'll see a full line of dedicated displays instead of one stripped down iMac panel.

    Don't bet on it!

    Apple is clearly a consumer based company now.. it could care less about the small niche of the mac pro. iMac? Yes, mac mini? Yes, the laptops? Yes, mac pro? NO.

    Apr 7, 10:47 PM
    I'm so sick of the tree hugging, let's all play nice and help everyone out attitude. How about the slackers get off their @$$ and do something for themselves.

    Welcome to MacRumors! Home of the bleeding left. :D

    Personally, I love how Apple is spanking everyone. Jobs is a visionary, and to argue differently is being ignorant.

    Sad thing, there doesn't seem to be anyone else on the horizon to fill that void when he is gone. As Howard Stern or Robin mentioned on the air a couple of weeks ago, Steve is the Thomas Edison of our/my generation.

    Aug 11, 10:32 PM
    I believe there a an entirely new iMac in the works. The current design can't handle the heat Conroe will want to throw at it. And the Kentsfield 4-core processor will want even better cooling. Currently the iMac looks like it has a G5 inside. Apple doesn't like their Macs to look the same over too long a time.

    I disagree with you on this. I agree with you on the MBP. Apple just revved the specs of their displays and they also released the education iMac. I think the iMac is a homerun for Apple on the desktop. Obviously the strongest Apple product right now is the MacBook. But while I think you're right on with the MBP, I think they will find a way to update the iMac for new, faster processors while retaining the current design/enclosure. Even if it has Merom inside. After all they could rev it to Merom 2.1 and 2.3 and some nice new features and I don't think many people will complain. (Alright some will complain, they always do, but that's beside the point).

    I would bet Conroe is the single processor option for Mac Pros to fill out the mid-range desktop line. The Mac Pro starts at $2,499 and that's way too expensive. I'm thinking there's going to be something to fill the gap between $1,499 and $2,499. That's where Conroe comes in.

    Apr 18, 03:39 PM
    If Apple were worried that Samsung would withdraw their products, Apple wouldn't have sued, or would have set up back up measures. They're not stupid!

    Sep 10, 11:22 PM
    Mine connection would take around 14 hours, but we have adsl 2+ now which is up to 24mb/sec. Can't wait to upgrade :cool:

    This movie store is all exciting and all, but with out world stores, it will be the US who will be enjoying it :(

    Yep, downloadable TV shows, movies for purchase or rent, iPhoto photobooks/prints/calendars/cards etc.

    Who gives a rat's? Not me because we can't use any of them.

    Mar 29, 01:01 PM
    Access to Your Account and Content
    You acknowledge and agree that Apple may access, use, preserve and/or disclose your account information and Content if legally required to do so or if we have a good faith belief that such access, use, disclosure, or preservation is reasonably necessary to: (a) comply with legal process or request; (b) enforce these TOS, including investigation of any potential violation thereof; (c) detect, prevent or otherwise address security, fraud or technical issues; or (d) protect the rights, property or safety of Apple, its users or the public as required or pemitted by law.

    That reads quite a bit different from Amazon's "... or as we determine is necessary to provide the Service ..."

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