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  • CHSeifert
    Mar 29, 11:16 AM
    I think this could very well be true.

    The new Windows OS is surprisingly well thought out and have a lot of the features I miss in my standard iPhone 4 iOS - and only have because of Jailbreak :)

    I could very well see myself buying a windows based Nokia - if they get the interior in harmony with the exterior - I still think iPhone 4 is the best looking phone I've ever owned - but still think it lacks some basic features in the iOS - like a Lock screen with calendar and weather info, basic features like changing the mail alert tone and being able to use the outer buttons as dual buttons for a shutter button on the volume button for instance (which a camera app did have, but Apple thought their consumers were too stupid and confused to have dual function buttons, so they excluded this app from appstore until they removed the function)

    All the features I miss on my iPhone are very basic features, which could easily be fixed with a tiny small software update - since these features don't seem to come on the iPhone, I could see myself getting a HTC with Windows OS maybe in a HTC Desire DeLuxe chassis :)

    What really keeps me true to the iPhone is all the apps :)

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  • jackaninny
    Mar 29, 12:43 PM
    yes profit is so, so important for us consumers.


    Ask Nokia customers how important profit is.

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  • sisyphus
    Sep 10, 09:07 PM
    With people putting off for the "next big thing" I wonder how many people will end up buying nothing ;)

    Well here at work I could replace 4 PC draughting workstations with a Conroe based system. We already have 23" monitors so we are not going to purchase iMacs, and while Mac Pro's are nice they are too expensive for us... A $1500 headless system would do wonders! (and yes the mini is too little).

    If Apple cannot release such a system we will have to continue purchasing PCs... :(

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  • amin
    Oct 12, 05:45 PM
    I predict that Oprah will gift one to each member of her audience.

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  • iKyle0990
    Apr 22, 08:42 AM
    This is exciting, since my music library already tops 16 GB and isn't shrinking any time soon. Now, I saw a little bit about it in the article, but does anyone else know if the general consensus is that ALL of ones music could be stored? As opposed to just iTunes-purchased songs. That's crucial.

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  • homsar
    Mar 29, 11:11 AM
    I call (early) April Fool's joke. The figures don't make any sense, and they're being given by Llamas.

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  • Hattig
    Mar 29, 01:05 PM
    Actually there is still annoyances with that. While you can run two instances of Excel they still use a weird MDI interface if you are just double clicking to open files. A nightmare if you have dual monitors, and still not fixed in Office 2010.

    That's just appalling, and a classic example of failing to provide a consistent user interface paradigm to users. In this case: a window == a document. It winds me up in Office 2003 and and to hear you still need to faff around opening with a new instance simply shocks me.

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  • DCJ001
    Mar 22, 02:54 PM
    Better idea: add an ExpressCard slot so I can put eSATA or USB3 on my iMac. Or you know...put USB3 & eSATA on my iMac for me *hint hint Apple*

    You can have an eSATA port added to an iMac through OWC for $169:


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  • BRLawyer
    Apr 28, 04:03 PM

    *jumps into Windows 7 in Parallels to check it out again*

    "Awesome???" :confused:

    Awesome to those used to sub-par products...

    The perfect analogy would be you and your lazy cousin: you pass school every year with excellent grades and get normal Christmas presents since this is your expected performance.

    But when your lazy/stupid cousin, who has failed school two or three years in a row, passes with reasonable grades, he gets a Ferrari...get it? :rolleyes:

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  • balamw
    Sep 10, 04:33 PM
    Gary. You just slowly and painfully killed me inside. I hope you are wrong.
    Yeah it's not a MB or MBP even since it marks the debut of the all new PowerBook G5! :p

    Don't give up hope yet. There are rumored Macs that could fit the bill. The iTablet or the iHome media Mac could "fit" within an iPod themed event....


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  • amateurmacfreak
    Sep 12, 03:47 PM
    Kind of a huge gap, don'cha think? For an extra $100 I can nearly TRIPLE the capacity? Why would I even consider a 30 GB model?
    A lot of people just don't need the bigger capacity. And it's still thinner, right??

    I would buy a 30GB if I was in the market (which I'm not) for a new iPod. I just really don't need more than 30GB.

    This is a stupid update. Not anything important.

    I was a little bit sad that my iPod would probably be out-dated by today. But yeah right, it's not. But of course everyone already knew that it's still 5G.... Where's our iPhone, Steve? :rolleyes:

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  • inkswamp
    Mar 29, 03:27 PM
    Perhaps you should spend some time looking at the facts - there are non-Android Linux-based mobile systems out there.

    If you knew that, the IDC comment is spot on.

    Not sure what you're on about but the quote implies that Android is not a Linux-based mobile OS which is factually incorrect. I realize it's not a pure Linux but it is very definitely Linux-based (or more specifically derived from the Linux kernel.) It just sounds to me like the author, who differentiates Linux from Android, doesn't understand that.

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  • the vj
    Apr 20, 11:29 AM
    Now Wall Mart knows where I am!!! :eek:

    Who cares! interesting data but unless you are a celebrity or some sort of important figure the rest is only based on your ego and the typical "American culture paranoia".

    Get real, no one in the work cares where you are, they all know you are behind your mac downloading porn.

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  • applefanDrew
    Apr 30, 03:48 PM
    SB + Mediocre GPU = meh :(

    A 2560x1440 screen deserves more than some lame mobile gpu.

    That display isn't happening this time.

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  • eye
    Mar 23, 06:27 PM
    Make drunk driving legal. End of problem.

    Quick! Everyone attack him for his joke! That'll show how dedicated to stopping drunk driving you are!

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  • steviem
    Apr 25, 10:33 AM
    Holy crap. I just finished reading the thread. Please stay off the road. You did this **** in your moms E60 M5 with 500 HP? I know where this story is heading. Soon you will take that car to an abandoned airport with 3 of your friends which then you will flip it and kill you and your friends. Or you will do that 155 MPH in a neighborhood. These two examples are true stories of 16-18 year olds kids with an E60 M5 who shared the exact same attitude as you and did those stunts. Please do not drive, learn to fly, etc until you gain the maturity to handle these machines.

    You will respond to my post saying that you will never do what those people did. That you're a safe driver and claim you will never do that. Guess what pal? Those kids also claimed the exact same thing. Now four people are dead and the other is screwed.

    I don't even want him on a pedal bike!

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  • mi5moav
    Aug 31, 11:01 PM

    403 error forbidden!!!! WEHOOOOO the pot of gold

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  • bassfingers
    Mar 30, 01:44 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Damn i wish i was smart enough to be a lawyer. Lots of money to be made! :D

    I wish I were*

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  • CalfCanuck
    Sep 14, 07:16 PM
    That'd be very nice, but I think that's too niche for Apple to get into. Although Apple does take its photography seriously, it only really produces hardware that is versatile and can be used for many different tasks - i.e. although the Mac Pro is serious photograhpy equipment, it can also be serious movie editing or CAD equipment. Infact, I can't think of any hardware made by Apple that is specifically photography directed.

    Then again, there's nothing to say they won't break the habit of a lifetime.
    While I have nothing to back up this idea beyond wild speculation, it makes sense if you think about it for a while.

    I used the name "Aperture.iPod" just for this thread. I think the APerture features would be targeted to special audience, but even the Photo uploading features (plus integration into iPhoto) would give it the broader appeal you correctly discuss.

    Several reason why this might happen:

    1. Apple has had a product called the Photo iPod since October 2004. The fact that few of it's users probably use it for Photos merely points out that it failed in it's targeted market for a number of reasons (probably lack of easy uploading from cameras when not at a computer, small screen, and lack of support for RAW).

    2. Apple's announcement a few days ago about the new iTunes store: (to quote Page 1) "TV shows will now be sold at 640x480 px h264. While the updated 5G iPods announced today will be able to play the new format, there has not been any indication from Apple of yet that the new shows will be playable on older 5G iPods. Apple's official knowledge-base article still states that h264-encoded movies must be 320 x 240 at 30 fps."

    So why will Apple start selling a video size that isn't designed for the current iPod? While it could be for the "iTV" device, I'd image that is a bit too small a resolution to get people excited about. And even if it is, why start selling it 6 months before the device ships?

    3. If Apple was to introduce a new Video iPod with a larger screen, this new larger box would allow a number of things that can''t fit on a small iPod and are perfect for both video AND photography - a large 640 x 480 screen, FW or USB2 connections, and potentially CF/SD card slots (or at least an IO for a fast adapter via the USB2 connection.)

    Hence my conclusion (based on pure speculation) - all these things point to a dual use device. Handheld, but larger than normal iPods, and suitable for both consumer video playback AND photography.

    What better place to introduce this than the biggest consumer photo show in the world?

    May 4, 09:57 AM
    So I read that if a monitor, such as an imac in target display mode, is part of a thunderbolt chain of devices, it must be the last in the chain and is not hot-swappable. Correct me if I'm wring but that is what I remember reading about it here on MR I believe.

    This reminds me of the days of scsi. So if I want to use a thunderbolt monitor, I need to turn the computer off and back on at the start and end of the session in order to connect and later disconnect the monitor.

    Are devices connected to a hub in the chain ending with the monitor still hor swappable?

    I'm looking forward to thunderbolt drives. The monitor thing doesn't look too appealing for portable macs at least. For a mac mini or tower it isn't as much of a problem.

    Apr 25, 08:49 AM
    Does this mean we will see a resolution downgrade to that of the 13 macbook pro's?

    Im sure it will be a net plus

    Mar 23, 06:06 PM
    It's (supposed to be) a free country....

    Mar 23, 06:10 PM
    136 negatives to this story ... nice. :rolleyes:

    Any perceived hit towards censorship obviously trumps the value of human life. :rolleyes:

    I wonder how many who posted here in favor of removing these apps, are also supporters of wikileaks? i'm sure it's a significant number. how ironic.

    How about you duervo, you a wikileaks fan? hmm?

    Apr 14, 12:43 PM
    This is seriously bad news for Thunderbolt. This is just like Intel supporting both USB 2.0 and Firewire in the past... Thunderbolt will be a specialized gig for the Macs, just like Firewire was, and most PC users will end up using USB...

    Intel should have stood their ground on Thunderbolt... Would have pushed component manufacturers to make more Thunderbolt devices, now we're going to have a mish mash, and those of us with Macs are getting the shaft because we won't get USB 3.0 from Apple...

    Hopefully there will be adapters and converters.. And hopefully Apple will get their heads out of their asses on the next refresh and add BOTH USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt to give us consumers maximum flexibility.

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